Why Excolo?

You get a team of experienced professionals working exclusively for your outsourcing needs and help you find the right centers competent enough to satisfy your requirements. We believe the road to success is technology, operations, expertise, experience and approach. With talented experts and unmatched global solutions, Excolo is your trusted partner. Our common vision and distinct operational solutions hold us together wherever we are and whatever we do.


Technology is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of cutting-edge processes and applications required for day to day operations. Technology is core to everything we do.

Our team works closely with the business to develop solutions that enable them and their clients to stay ahead of their game.


Successful operations can only work if the right processes and people are in place to back up. Operations do things smarter, faster and more innovatively to meet the technical and operational challenges.

That's why operations is often described as the engine room of the organization: It's a fast-paced and diverse division that makes sure, risk is minimized and clients are settled and satisfied. That's just the start.


Our greatest asset is our employees' expertise. Day after day, we are working on innovative solutions for our clients. In order to create lasting bonds, we work hard to understand where our audience is headed and how we can help reach them there. Insights become opportunities, opportunities become ideas, and ideas are engineered into reality and integrated across multiple brand touch points. Throughout this process, we use good to feed other good.


With several assignments under our belt, we’ve developed various best practices that our clients get the benefit of. We learn from every assignment and every client, and we hope that the benefit is mutual. We respect confidentiality and proprietary information but we’re not shy to apply our experience from one assignment to another, where appropriate.

Our team consists of people with considerable experience across technology, strategy, legal, compliance, customer relations, accounting, marketing, credit & risk and R & D. We capture our knowledge and institutionalize them so that every team member has the opportunity to share the benefits with his or her clients.


We find ways to create authentic relationships between clients, brands and end users – blurring the line between product and service, functional and emotional, physical and digital.